Diploma Requirements

Arts: 4 quarter credits. Art, Music or Theater.
Languages: 16 quarter credits. 12 credits of the same language.
Computer Science: 12 quarter credits.
English: 16 quarter credits. Students must complete the sequence 100, 210, 310, 330, 410, 420, 430, in addition to two quarter credits at the 500 level in the senior year.
Health and African Development: 4 quarters earned through the completion of HAD 110/HAD 120/130 throughout the ninth-grade year and HAD 200 in Senior year.
History: 16 quarter credits. 4 quarters of U.S. History, 1 quarter of U.S. Constitution.
Pre Medicine: 12 quarter credits. 4 quarter credits of Physiology, 4 quarter credits of Bio Genetics and 4 quarter credits of anatomy.
Pre Engineering: 4 quarter credits.
Pre Law: 4 quarter credits.
Entrepreneurship: 16 quarter credits.
Science: 16 quarter credits.
Physical Education: 4 quarter credits in either martial arts or fitness.

Meeting Diploma Requirements

A student earns a quarter credit for any course passed. There are no partial credits. All students must take a minimum of 6 courses per quarter, 24 courses per year. Each quarter course passed earns one credit. Students may repeat a failed course only once. A student receiving a failing grade (F) has the option of repeating the course if it’s is available in any subsequent quarter. Upon successful completion, the repeated course earns a quarter credit. Both grades are recorded on the academic transcript and are included in the student’s GPA.

Entering Grade Credits required PE Credits required Total
9 28 4 32

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